Reading Coach #1494

Reading coach #1494, built in 1913. This coach is identical to #1474 (coupled in background). When the coach was delivered to the WK&S it was painted solid olive with Reading Company livery. The car number appeared twice on each side of the coach toward the end vestibule doors. #1494 was freshly repainted in 2004.

A shot of #1494 during the early years of WK&S operations. The car has been lettered WANAMAKER KEMPTON & SOUTHERN and retains its original solid olive green color. As shown in the photo at the top of this page, the railroad's current policy is to letter coaches for their previous owner. The WK&S does employ a bit of artist license with the two-tone green. These older commuter coaches never received the more modern two-tone when they worked for the Reading. But most would agree that the two-tone is far more attractive.