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An invisible Truck with Brake Lights

The mods on this page are a bit more whimsical. So sit back and have a laugh.

Here's how I added a Novak Brake Light Kit to my TXT-1. The kit is compatible with the Novak Super Rooster ESC. First you'll notice that I didn't mount the lights on the body, I mounted them on the under guard. While not very realistic, I don't have to fool with a wiring interface between the chassis and the body and I'm free to use multiple bodies.

Here's what comes with the kit. There are two red LEDs, two red plastic mounting brackets, four screws, shrink tube and some wiring. My installation doesn't follow the enclosed instruction, so I'm not going to explain how the kit is "supposed" to be installed.

First I removed the rear under guard from the truck and removed the rear steering servo from the under guard. I drilled mounting holes in the under guard. There are two small holes on each side for the mounting screws and one large hole for each LED. The three holes correspond to the holes in the red plastic mounting brackets, so the brackets can be used as a template. The hole for the LED needs to be large enough to fit the LED, but smaller than the flange around the base of the LED.

I modified the mounts by sawing off the four protrusions. There were two reasons for this. First, the size of the mounts needed to be reduced so as to not interfere with the rear steering servo. And second, I'm using the mounts to clamp the LEDs in place rather than enclose the LEDs as intended. The mount on the left has already been modified. The one on the right has not.

There are four little holes in the center of one end of each mount. I enlarged the center two holes to accommodate solder connections.

The Super Rooster is mounted way in the front of the truck and too far away for the reach of the included wires. I cut the connectors off the wires. Then I spliced the two pieces of wire together. Together, the wire is long enough to reach from the ESC to one LED plus there's just enough left over to jumper the second LED to the first. I pushed the wire into the open end of the plastic mount such that the red wire and the black wire each protrude from one of the two small holes that were enlarged earlier. I cut down the leads on the LED and soldered the LED to the wire. There's a flat spot on the side of the LED. The lead closest to the flat spot is soldered to the black wire. After soldering, the LED leads are pulled back into the mount and the connections are concealed within the mount.

Next I inserted the LEDs into the under guard...

...then the mounting screws are used to clamp the LED's flange between the under guard and the mounting brackets. Finally, I reassembled the truck, routed the wire and spliced the wire with the brake light output wires from the Super Rooster.

This kit turned out to be pretty retarded. There are about four Novak ESCs that have brake light outputs and they all operate a bit differently. In the case of the Super Rooster, the brake lights are ONLY lit when the ESC is in reverse. Not neutral. Not while braking. Only in reverse. So what I ended up with are red backup lights. If I had this to do again, I would not buy the brake light kit. I'd go to Radio Shack and buy a pair of White LEDs and LED Holders. I still may switch to the white LEDs. It's just more logical.

The brake light project was just too intorlerably silly. While performing some subsequent maintenance, I disconnected the brake lights, removed them and tossed them in the trash.

Up next, I finally figured out what I wanted to the with the third channel on my TXT-1. E-Maxx transmission? Selectable 2WS/4WS? No, this is way cooler. Check it out. It looks like an ordinary TXT-1.

But with a flick of the third channel switch on my radio...

...I activate my new cloaking device and enter stealth mode. Now my truck is ready for covert operations!

Here I've connected the cloaking device to the chassis, but I wasn't as happy with the results.

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