TXT-1 Construction: Part 5
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Electronics Deck, Body Posts and Wheel Hubs

Here's where I put down the instruction manual. I never intended to use the included mechanical speed control so I had to figure out how to mount my Super Rooster on the electronics deck. First, I decided to grab my Dremel and shave all the mounting stubs off the deck. Here's the before shot.

And the after shot.

Here's how I arranged the receiver and ESC. Both are held in place with servo tape. I hadn't decided on a final wiring arrangement at this point, so things are kind of sloppy looking.

Check out my trick homemade antenna mast. I haven't found an antenna tube yet, so I guess it's up to the builder to supply his own. Edit: the antenna tube was in the box. I just wasn't looking hard enough.

And here's the gratuitous flex shot.

Here's a pic showing the details of the front body post assemblies. Note I've added the heat sinks to the Super Rooster.

And the rear body posts with the cross piece in place. You can also see the battery cover and note that I've switched to a conventional antenna tube.

The final construction shot shows how the wheels go on. First the brass colored wheel hub goes on the axle, then the grey plastic hub, then the wheel itself and finally the silver colored nut (yet another really blurry pic).

I have one complaint about the otherwise excellent Tamiya instructions. They do a very poor job of assigning descriptive names to the individual parts. It makes it difficult to try to explain anything to someone else. Anyway, here's a pic of the truck in action. I never cared for the stock body, so I went with a Parma Dodge Ram Body. An odd thing about this body, it comes in one of four colors, but there's only one stock number. When I ordered mine, there was no way to specify what color I wanted. As luck would have it, I wanted black and got black.

A few notes from the field: I didn't glue the tires. Bad idea. I had so much tire slippage I wasn't able to climb anything. But instead of gluing, I sunk a pair of sheet metal screws from the rims into the tires.

My diff grease is not as effective as I had hoped. I'll need something far thicker to get the kind of traction I'm looking for. My goal for this truck is a dedicated rock crawler.

I didn't install any sway bars and I don't think I will. The truck is in no danger of flipping and the body torquing from side to side is pretty amusing.

Not sure that I want to cut down the body posts. They seem to have a useful roll bar function.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

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