TXT-1 Construction: Part 4
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Shocks, Electronics and Steering Servo

Here's a shocking pic - all the parts that go into building a shock.

With all four shocks in place, the truck is starting to look like something.

I had a bit of a disappointment here. Having just received my crystal set I decided to temporarily setup all my electronics and test everything out. From the beginning my plan was to have my Traxxas E-Maxx TQ3 radio (red channel) do double duty with the Maxx and the TXT-1. So I ordered an extra TQ3 receiver and an extra red crystal set. Unfortunately, the two crystal sets were not compatible. Even though both sets are red, they won't work together. I know that there are variations from one set to another. I half expected this. But I thought I'd take a chance and maybe get lucky. I didn't. So now I'll have to switch the radio crystal every time I want to use the other truck. It's not that big of a deal, but I'll probably eventually grow tired of it and buy another radio. I seem to recall that they can be pretty cheap on Ebay.

On to the good news. Once I got the crystal situation straightened out, everything else worked fine.

IT'S ALIVE!!! First test run occurred on July 7th, 2002 at 1630 hours EST. But I'm getting ahead of myself here. Back to some construction pics. The steering servo assembly caused me quite a bit of trouble. This was due to a combination of impatience, inexperience and failure to fully study the instructions. The servo saver is assembled with different parts depending on what brand of servo you're using (I'm using a Traxxas High Torque steering servo left over from my E-Maxx). I initially picked the wrong part and it took me quite a bit of head scratching before I realized why my servo saver would not fit on my servo. The pic below shows the servo and servo saver after I got it right. But I still didn't get it right. When I reassembled the servo saver for the second time, I forgot to put the cap piece on the servo saver. So the servo saver mounting screw was holding nothing. This didn't become apparent to me until after my first test drive (which was very short). The servo saver fell apart and I had to start over.

Here's a pic of me testing the steering servo. I was pretty happy at this point. My incorrectly assembled servo saver didn't show itself until after I got the wheels on and tried to drive.

Here's the rear steering link. This is only temporary as a plan to upgrade to a pair of higher quality high torque servos for 4WS (see TXT-1 Mods: Part 1).

Here's the rear under guard in place. You may recall that I didn't fully tighten the screws and nuts securing the axle guards to the axles. With the front and rear under guards in place, I went back and tightened the screws and nuts.

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