TXT-1 Construction: Part 3
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Axle Uprights, Links and Drive Shafts

Here are a couple of pics showing the installation of the axle guards. Referring to the long screws that hold the axle guards to the axle, I didn't tighten down the nuts or add thread lock because it seems to me that the axle guards may need to be slightly readjusted in steps 29 and 30 when the under guards are screwed into place.

Here we have the parts that go into an upright assembly...

...and a pair of finished uprights...

...and the uprights attached to the axles.

I was getting a little anxious at this point so I did all my front links without taking pics. I'll take pics when I do the back. And now... (drum roll please) introducing my very first articulation shot...

Now I linked up the rear axle to the frame. The pic above shows the links that connect the axle to the frame. From top to bottom, you see the two lower links, the two upper links and the two cantilever push rods. A couple of notes here... The rear push rods are longer than the front push rods. The shorter front push rods are identified by a indent at the middle of the rod. I'm guessing that the rear push rods are longer because the back of the truck ends up being heaver having to support the weight of the battery. The end links are connected to the upper and lower link rods byway of 20mm threaded rods (see top rod in pic). According to the manual, 10mm of the threaded rod should be threaded into the end link and 10mm should be threaded into the link rods. However, since the plastic end links are weaker than the metal link rods, it's better to thread more of the threaded rod into the end link. I was able the thread about 12mm of the threaded rod into the end link leaving about 8mm for the link rod. Notice also that a pair of plastic spacers is included with the lower link rods. Excuse the blurry pic.

This pic shows the rear axle along with the push rods, upper links and drive shaft. The lower links cannot be installed until after the drive shaft is connected to the transmission.

With the frame right side up, I connected the push rods to the cantilevers.

Then, with the frame up side down, I connected the upper links and the drive shaft.

Finally, I installed the lower links.

Here's a shot of the entire under side of the truck with both axles in place.

I couldn't resist a test fit of the wheels at this point. The weight of the truck is supported by the shocks. But I haven't built the shocks yet, so for now I have a TXT-1 lowrider.

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