TXT-1 Construction: Part 1
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Transmission, Motor and Frame Assembly

Here begins the construction of my Tamiya TXT-1. Total build time was about ten hours although I only spent about one or two hours per night over the course of about a week. I ordered my TXT-1 along with all the accessories from Tower Hobbies. Look at all this stuff! Let's get started...

The TXT-1 kit comes with a combination of ball bearings and bushings. I decided to build my TXT-1 using 100% ball bearings. To replace all the bushings, you'll need to purchase the following additional ball bearings:
16 - 6x12 ball bearings
8 - 5x11 ball bearings
11 - 5-8 ball bearings
I purchased DuraTrax ball bearings, again from Tower Hobbies.

More supplies: I bought a Novak Super Rooster ESC to replace the MSC that comes with the TXT-1 kit. There's also a Novak Brake Light Kit (more on the Brake Light Kit in the TXT-1 silly Mods page). I decided to reuse the TQ-3 transmitter from my E-Maxx so I bought a 3-channel T/E-Maxx Receiver to control my TXT-1. The TXT-1 only requires two channels. I haven't decided what, if anything, I'll do with the third channel. I also bought some extra capacitors for the motors. As shown at the bottom of the page, each motor is wired with three capacitors. Not shown in the picture is an extra set of crystals. As you'll see later, the crystals turned out to be a waste of money.

First thing I did was grab some cups and organize my parts bags. There are a lot of small pieces to lose.

Here's the transmission before final assembly.

Bench testing the motors and transmission.

I rewired the motors and added the requisite capacitors. Each motor requires three capacitors for a total of six. However, the Super Rooster only came with three. I purchased the extra capacitors at Radio Shack. But they turned out to be fragile and junky. I recommend buying extra Novak Capacitors. Eventually I'll add a Deans plug to interface with the Super Rooster.

Then I assembled the frame and installed the transmission assembly. I was flipping out for a few moments because I couldn't find any of the F parts trees. Turns out they were packaged in a "secret" compartment under the wheels. I thought the cantilevers are a little too wobbly. I used ball bearings instead of the bushings. It seems to me that the spacer between the cantilevers and the frame isn't quite thick enough. Maybe I could pick up some shims if it turns out to be a big problem. Edit: turned out not to be a problem.

Here I decided to rewire the motors (again). I used heavier wire and all wires connecting the motors with the Deans plug are of equal length.

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