Repair & Maintenance Log

04/11/09: Acquired game. Replaced power cord.


As I cleaned up all the usual crap from inside the cabinet, I discovered that this game comes with its own "OUT OF ORDER" sign. Hmmm...

04/12/09: The game needs to be shopped, but for now I just wanted to do a few things and play some games... I reprogrammed the game to my liking. I quickly cleaned and waxed playfield. The player 1 display was flakey. I fixed that by reflowing the cracked header pins. I also soldered the base of Q5, which appears to never have been soldered from the factory. Digit 2 of the credit display was out, but I'll save that for later. I fixed some loose playfield posts. Someone had jammed sheet metal screws into the T-nuts. But I was able to tap and reuse all the T-nuts. The posts tightened right up with the proper screws. There's a 100 point switch error and some 10 point switches need adjusting.

04/23/09: Fixed the credit display. Many of the 100k ohm resistors were open or far out of spec. I replaced the old 1/4 watt resistors at R3, R5, R7 & R11 with the new 1/2 watt resistors (recommended). Someone had already replaced R1 & R9 and lifted their traces. Since R1 & R9 were in spec, I decided to just leave well enough alone. I also adjusted several playfield switches, which got them working and cleared the switch errors.


Display board showing the location of R1, R3, R5, R7, R9 & R11

04/23/09: Flipper rebuild. The game came with Gottlieb flipper bats (fitted with non-Gottlieb rubber, of course). I rebuilt the flipper mechs and added new Bally bats with yellow rubber. I also printed fresh score and instruction cards for 5 ball play.


Gottlieb flipper bats on Night Rider?


Flipper rebuild with new Bally bats including yellow rubber. And new score and instruction cards.

05/14/09: New legs. These are the gray repro legs from Pinball Resource.


Old (left) and new (right) legs.

04/03/10: New playfield glass.

03/24/12: Installed standard-keyed (751) lock on coin door.

10/13/13: Sold game.